Risk Management Audit

We are an SAC Accredited Auditing Organisation and MOM Approved WSH Auditing Organisation with auditors to conduct audits for bizSAFE Risk Management:

bizSAFE Risk Management (RM) Audit

Audit Type : New or Renewal for bizSAFE Level 3, 4 or Star
Audit Criteria : Code of Practice on Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Risk Management

The Risk Management audit seeks to verify compliance of an organisation’s implemented Risk Management System with the requirements in the Workplace Safety and Health Risk Management Regulations and the bizSAFE Risk Management audit criteria.

Risk Management audit is a requirement for an organisation’s new application for bizSAFE level 3, or an upgrade to bizSAFE level 3, or for renewal of bizSAFE level 3, 4 or Star.

For bizSAFE STAR certification, a Risk Management Audit Report must be submitted with one of the following certifications:

  • Singapore Standard S651; or
  • ISO 45001 issued/ awarded by a certification body, accredited by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC); or
  • ISO 45001 issued/ awarded by a certification body, accredited by an accreditation body recognised under Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA).

Audit Process

1. Application by Applicant Organisation

Authorised Representative of applicant organisation submits a request for quote for auditing service by completing a form and emailing it to health@bond-intl.com.

Information to be provided by applicant organisation includes:

  1. the desired audit scope;
  2. applicant organisation’s name, address(es) of its site(s)/location(s)/branch(es) under the same UEN number, total number of employees, its processes and operations, human and technical resources, functions, relationships and any relevant legal obligations;
  3. identification of outsourced processes used by the organisation that will affect conformity to requirements;
  4. The standards or other requirements for which the applicant organisation is seeking auditing service;
  5. whether consultancy relating to the management system to be audited has been provided, and if so, by whom.
  6. copy of previous audit report if the audit was not conducted by Bond.
2.  Application Review

Bond will review the information submitted in the request for quote to ensure that

  1. any known difference in understanding between Bond and the applicant organisation is resolved;
  2. Bond has the competence and ability to perform the audit;
  3. the site(s) of the applicant organisation’s operations, time required to complete audit and any other points influencing the auditing activity are taken into account (language, safety conditions, threats to impartiality, etc).

After careful evaluation, Bond will email the applicant organisation’s representative acceptance or non-acceptance of the request to quote.  Should the request be declined, reasons will be stated clearly in the email.

If the request to quote is accepted, Bond will determine the number of auditors for the audit, the competencies needed in the audit team, as well as the audit duration (based on Annex 2 of Appendix 2 of SAC CT 17).

 3.  Audit Duration  

The minimum required audit duration per enterprise on-site in Man-Days for Other Industries is based on the following table from Annex 2 to Appendix 2 of SAC CT 17. Additionally, the Lead Auditor will consider the time needed to plan and accomplish a complete and effective audit of the client’s management system.

Minimum Audit Duration per Enterprise (On-site Man-days)
Construction a Metal Working Industry a Shipyard a Oil refinery or petrochemical plant/Semiconductor water fabrication plant/ Chemical manufacturing plant / Pharmaceutical plant / Bulk storage terminal (See Note a) Other Industries c
Size b (manpower) Up to 200 201 to 500 >500 Any manpower size Up to 500 >500 Any manpower size Complexity c up to 200 201 to 500 >500
Minimum Audit Duration 1.0 1.5 2.0 1.0 1.0 2.0 2.0 High 1.5 1.5 2.0
Medium 0.5 1.0 1.5
Low 0.5 0.5 1.0


  1. Based on the number of worksites/locations/branches of the enterprise, the number of man-days should be justified for the number of on-site man-days conducted.
  2. The effective size (manpower) is the number of employees under the direct employment of the enterprise.
  3. Complexity of the business sectors is referenced from Table OH&SMS 2 of IAF MD 22 for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
4.  Audit Scope

The auditor appointed by Bond will determine the audit scope with the client.

5.  Audit Plan

An audit plan covering audit objectives, audit criteria, audit methodology, audit scope, audit location, audit schedule, roles and responsibilities of the various audit parties will be established and communicated with the client and the audit dates mutually agreed upon in advance.

6.  On-site Audit

The audit team will conduct the on-site audit using the audit checklist. On-site audit will include:

  • Opening meeting
  • Familiarisation tour of the workplace
  • Obtaining and verifying information through
    • Review of documentation and records
    • Physical inspection and observation of processes and activities
    • Interviews of personnel
  • Closing meeting

SAC CT 17 Appendix 2, Section 9.1.5 Multi-site sampling
For risk management audit under bizSAFE programme for enterprise with the same UEN number for all worksites/locations/branches with similar business nature under the same top management. At minimum, 10% of the total number of worksites/locations/branches shall be visited for each enterprise. Every function/operation of the enterprise shall be visited based on the ratio of the function/operation to the whole enterprise’s operations. The 10% worksites/locations/branches selected at each 3-year cycle of bizSAFE audit shall be different from the worksites/locations/branches selected from the previous 3-year cycle.

7.  Audit Report and Testimony
An electronic copy of the audit report shall be issued for each audit conducted and a Testimony of Audit may be furnished on request.
8.  Request for additional information/Complaints/Feedback

Requests for information, complaints and feedback can be directed to email: health@bond-intl.com.

Requests for information will be subject to approval. Complaints, if any, will be evaluated and corrective action(s) taken and feedback given to complainant for closure.

Policy On Impartiality

Bond is committed to and responsible for the impartiality of its auditing activities and shall not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality.

Reference To Auditing And Use Of Marks

The use of Bond’s audit report or testimony or Bond’s name, mark or logo shall not be used in communication media such as the Internet, brochures or advertising or other documents without the prior written consent of Bond.

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